MLB 2020 tracker – the covid edition


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The MLB kicked off today – with a truncated 60 game season due to the covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve drawn up my usual tracker for my team the Red Sox, but honestly I don’t reckon it’ll go the full season given community transmission of the virus is rampant stateside.

In the meantime, let’s play ball!

2020 MLB tracker for the AL east. Go Red Sox!

NFL 2019 game tracker


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I wimped out this year and did an all teams schedule tracker digitally instead of hand drawing…there’s less whiteout 😁

I colour each box green for a win, red for a loss – and in the event it’s a draw, blue.

The winners of each division go straight into the playoff box and the wildcard teams above their division (when it’s all sorted out).

I printed mine out in A3 size to fit my usual NFL team book. If you’d like a copy – go for your life.


The second page is a cleaner tracker for the wins. Last year’s was a bit of a hot mess, so this one will hopefully be more simple.

Go Pats! 🏈❤️😎

Red Sox tracker – 2019 regular season


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With a day to spare – phew. I’m all set to follow my team this year.

Similar format to last year but simplified. Aussie dates for games across the middle with each series grouped together. The red bar under the line is for home games at Fenway. Scores go in up the line with two lines at the top for notes. Last year I did one line pitching, one line for the rest but I think I’ll split offence and defence this time. We’ll see.

The boxes across the bottom are for colouring in each win. So the more the logo looks coloured, the better the team is going. Last year I tracked the losses as well, but I’ve dropped that. I like seeing how the American League East is looking – given that’s the first hurdle – so a visual of the number of wins across the five teams is great.

So here we go – 162 glorious games.

Let’s go Red Sox!

World Series baseball- Red Sox vs Dodgers game 5 scorecard #mlbnotes


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The first two pages are my usual way of scoring the game. Score square to the right to allow room for notes down the left side (which may or may not have been needed for the previous inning).

The second two pages is the same game using the score stamp that @inkyourstyle made up for me. The square is larger than the normal scoresheet I was cutting up so I’ve had to rearrange my page layout a little. I’ll rejig it some more over the Australian season and be ready to go for the 2019 tilt at another World Series for the Red Sox. 💪🏼


NFL 2018 season tracker – week 7


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Well, just before week 8 really. Except if you’re a Miami or Texan fan – then your week 8 is already done.

I like the overall season tracker – although it’s a mongrel to draw up – it gives the detail against who the next team up is and then you can see who they’ve played already and can see if they’re on a streak of some sort.

The second one is a bit boxy- I’ll change it again next year. I want a quick lookup to see how each division is going – this one I stuffed up showing the divisional games so it needs to change.

Oh and the ties! The tied games. Sigh. After none last year, I nearly forgot the pain of 2016.

And the one I’ve totally fallen behind on is the game notes for my Patriots – where I track who was active each game and how they went in the game. That’s still back at week 6….my excuse is the Red Sox. 👏🏼👏🏼

World Series baseball – Red Sox v Dodgers game 4 mlbnotes


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The classic ‘game of two halves’. The first half with no offence scores and then BOOM! It all went off like a firecracker. I put it all on Sale’s firing them up at the bottom of the 6th.

Game 5 – the last of the three in Dodger Stadium – is tomorrow. The Red Sox have the chance to win it all. Otherwise it goes back to Fenway for the possible two deciders.

Play ball.

World Series baseball – Red Sox v Dodgers game 3 #mlbnotes


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Good God Almighty, let’s not do another epic double game like that in a hurry, ok? I’ve got hand cramps.

I can only imagine what Nathan Eovaldi and young Walker Buehler are feeling like after pitching so many innings each. Nine pitchers used on each side. All of the bench used by both Managers. They threw everything at each other and at the umpires for some seriously dodgy calls on both sides.

Can’t wait for Game 4 tomorrow – but let’s keep it the regulation 9 innings, shall we.

World Series Baseball – Red Sox vs Dodgers. Game 2 Fenway.


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Again playing catch up with these but here is game 2’s scorecard for posterity.

Today’s Game 3 in LA is just about to start on a Saturday morning Aussie time, so I get to watch this one live. Woot woot.

Go Red Sox!!

ALCS Red Sox v Astros game 4 mlbnotes


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What. A. Game.

This one had everything. Fan interference. Aggressive crowd. Some of the best fielding plays on both sides. Assertive base running. You name it.

I’m enjoying the difference in strategy both managers are using to choreograph their pitching talent, how they manage them, use them and when they sit them is fascinating.

In Res Sox tradition, the ‘win wall’ photo was that final catch by Benintendi. He needs a cape 💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️

ALCS Red Sox v Astros game 3 #mlbnotes


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Playing catch up at 1am Aussie time.

Game notes/scoresheet for game 3. JBJ’s grand slam and some low pitch outs from the bullpen. Awesome game. I am loving the concept of ‘being humble at the plate’. Terrific way to approach your at bat – not going for glory and the big ding – but playing strategic.

Red Sox v Houston Astros ALCS Game 2 game notes


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Woot woot! Red Sox levelled the series at 1-1. Price didn’t pitch long enough to record the win, but he had some terrific low pitch count outs.

I love it when our offence gets out fast from the start – two runs in the first innings is great. We should do it again next time 😬

Mookie, Benintendi and JBJ smacked the ball around, even the Green Monsta took out an Astro for a few minutes.

Better throws to first base also – poor Pearce gets horizontal to catch out runners. He must have a Thor-like core strength. Maybe the team (particularly 3rd base and shortstop) could toss it cleaner and higher so he can catch standing vertical like the rest of you do…just a thought.

A little worried at the news on Sale being admitted to hospital. Fingers crossed it’s nothing scary or contagious!

On to Houston.

ALCS Game 1 – Red Sox v Astros score notes


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Well this was not fun.

High pitch count up front for Sale – who is no doubt more pissed about his performance than anyone else is. The bullpen did it’s best, but the Astros smacked it around. There were challenges aplenty and what can only be described as a “fluid” idea of a strike zone. The reaction to that in in the 5th innings had our Manager thrown out of the game. Hit batsmen, hit base coaches, even a hit umpire – this game had a little bit of everything.

We are one game down, but there’s still six to go. #DoDamage.

Red Sox v Yankees ALDS Game 4 score notes


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Another better late than never posting. This one is the fourth game in a the best of five series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees in Yankee Stadium.

Up for grabs is the right to move onto the American League Conference Series (a best of 7 games) which we already know will be against the Houston Astros.

In honour of Alex Cora’s way of putting a photos a win on his office wall, I picked Benintendi getting fired up with a b/s call in the 8th inning. Classic lip reading opportunity. 🤣 Though, Sale coming out of the bullpen was a close second!

Moving on.

2018 MLB season tracker – Red Sox


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Woot woot – regular season starts on Friday morning (Aussie time) and I’m actually prepared ahead of time for following my Red Sox.

Last year’s tracker was a bit of a mishmash of game results, some notes on how the team was going and any injuries, and replicating the win/loss against the other four teams in the American League east division. I felt like I was flicking across three different types of graphs and doing everything three times.

This year I reckon it’ll be easier to see how the BoSox are going if I have the divisional team win/loss in sight the whole time, so I’ve used up a few more pages to have the game notes across only the top of the page with the division across the bottom of the first and fifth pages.

beef bone broth – it’s worth it


We are finally starting to get a chill in the air in Brisbane (happy dance, happy dance!), so the slow cooker came out of the pantry last week. First cab off the rank was a bone broth.1.5kg of beef bones at the organic butchers cost around $12. (In case you’re a local, TMP – formally The Meat-Ting Place – in the shopping centre on Flockton Street in McDowall has certified organic meat and terrific service).

Roast the bones in the oven for an hour – about 200-220 degrees C. Take straight out of the oven and into the slow cooker along with any vege offcuts you’ve kept aside. I used one brown onion, a couple of carrots, about 3 stalks of celery, 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 3 bay leaves. Some people add ginger and garlic – but I leave that for when I use the broth instead.

Cover the entire lot with filtered water and put the slow cooker on low. To get a gelatinous broth, let it simmer for 24-30 hours. It took about 6 hours to even start to simmer and the smell was really quite light – not like how a pea and ham soup stinks out the place!

I lost very little liquid through the simmer – and also didn’t have much fat scum to scoop off the top. I suppose it depends on the bones. I took out the large bones and veges and allowed it to cool a little in the cooker bowl before pouring out through a strainer to remove the solids.

At this stage, I wanted to get it cooled down and into the fridge as quickly as possible – it’s a meat product after all. So I filled the sink with ice and put the large bowl of strained liquid on top to get the temp down and get it into the fridge. Overnight the fat floats to the surface and solidifies. It’s then really easy to cut the fat around the edges of the bowl and lift out – leaving the wobbly broth. ** Don’t throw out the fat! Put it in a spare jar and keep it in the fridge to use for bbq-ing meat and veges.

I kept some broth in the fridge for dinners over the next few days, but froze the rest for future use. I don’t really have any ‘specialist’ equipment – so I used silicon cupcake patties and a small banana loaf tray. These both worked really well. I bagged up the frozen broth to stop freezer burn and they are all ready to go!

I will use it as a stock for soup or any liquid absorbing grain – cous cous, rice or quinoa etc. It’s awesome for adding to spag bol or making sauces and gravies for meat dishes, but it’s terrifically tasty and satisfying as a meal on its own. That’s how I like it – heat it up and add an egg or spinach or any vege really. Voila!



MLB games and division tracker for the Red Sox 2017 season


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I don’t know how other fans of Major League Baseball keep a track of how their team is going, so I’m making up my own notes as I go along. The handful of diehard fans I know in Australia keep across their team’s performance by visiting the MLB or various other sports news websites, but I haven’t seen anyone else’s notes/teambook at all. I can’t be the only one putting pen to paper, surely!

Here’s my first few pages for the Red Sox season this year. I do the box score for each game and have a little room to write the most important take-away from the game – like a one line summary. I want to get more of a handle on how my team is doing in both home and away series against each team they play, so I started to colour code them – but I think it’s a bit busy. I’ll go back over these pages and draw a box around each series which might show them better.

Start of the 2017 Red Sox regular season games

The bit I am struggling with most is keeping track of where the Red Sox are placed in the American League East division. I drew up a kind of AL East summary page to try to see how they are sitting within the group, but I feel like it’s still too busy as a visual snapshot… I might have to tweak it and see if I can simplify it some more. Originally I thought of the five teams going vertical, but it got a little Tetris-y.

AL East summary page – it needs some work to clarify it more I think. Maybe go vertical instead of across the page after all?

Any ideas for improving my notes would be appreciated and I would love to see your team notes if you keep them!:)


print your social media photos


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I don’t get many photos printed anymore. I scroll through them on a small screen instead, which isn’t the same. Having an actual album in your hands feels like such a luxury. 

Once a year I download my Instagram piccies into a little square soft cover album. I go to the cheapest photo book site, a lot of them do it, some of them can even interface with Instagram and automatically load one square photo per page. There’s no need to write text within it. It’s quick. It’s simple. It’s clean and crisp. 

I don’t print photos from other social media – not Facebook or Twitter.  Instagram is where I put the visual stuff. 

I’ve just got round to doing my 2015 Instagram which should arrive soon. What I love most about doing this is that it’s a visual overview of what grabbed my attention last year. There’s definitely a pattern in what I find notable, beautiful and funny and it changes each year based on where my life was focused.   

These little books are a small and tangible reminder of an instant snap shared, that would otherwise not be savoured beyond that one fleeting moment.  


happy new leap year…thinking about the extra 24 hours

So I’m thinking the potential of that extra 24 hours we get this year could be magnificent. 

What if we could all plan to make it worth something extra – not just another workday (cos Feb 29 falls on a Monday) but a day we achieve one discrete but amazing project for the common good. 

Something to ponder…

#oneextraday #liveyourbestday #best24hours  


bound by shakespeare 


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Not three days ago I was standing in the house Shakespeare was born in. I walked the streets of Stratford Upon Avon all day under skies threatening to rain. I went to his daughters house where I ate from a mulberry tree over 150 years old, grown from a cutting from her fathers garden.  

 Not two weeks before that, I was watching Benedict Cumberbatch deliver an epic Hamlet. His Hamlet (I hope). I’ve only just written up my journal from that performance, but won’t write it here. I don’t know how to summarise those 12 pages and as the show is still in preview and tweaks are ongoing, it doesn’t serve any purpose.  

  The week before that I saw Richard II at the Globe itself in Bankside. Tremendous. The way the Bard did it himself.  

 And now, first day in America, I wander through Central Park to rest the senses and happen upon a line of people waiting for free tickets to the very last performance of the Public Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park season – Cymbeline. I’m on holidays, so what’s an hour or two standing in the queue to me? The people around were lovely and chatty and once they knew I was here for the first time, they were full of recommendations for the creative arts they encouraged me to see or do before leaving. I loved that and am very grateful. 

It was a lovely walk back up to the Delacorte Theatre (in the middle of Central Park) for the 8pm start. Just on sunset. Gosh the cast have some fun with this. The opportunity to play multiple roles – or indeed the one role pretending to be another one – was seized with both hands. Terrific pace, playing to the crowd in the best tradition of Shakespeare and those voices! God the company can sing.   

  If you’re ever in New York – and they are playing at the Delacorte – I’d encourage you to queue for the tickets. It’s sponsored by donations, so all 1800 seats are free.  By the people. For the people. 

A late finish would normally have little old me a bit nervous about a walk back to the hotel – but check out my body guards. Never safer 🙂


Shakespeare wrote some of the most extraordinary lines that – even 399 years after his death – we can say off by heart. The truest of them all for me, especially this trip seems to be,  that “all the world’s a stage”. I seem to find my way amongst those who love him wherever I’ve gone.  


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – London


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For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings

Richard II

And you can do just that at the Globe theatre – for the princely sum of a fiver. Groundlings pay just £5 to see a play at the Globe so if you have a strong constitution and can take whatever weather old Blighty throws at you, it’s the way to go.

Tickets for seats – lets actually call them what they are – “the MOST uncomfortable wooden benches you don’t really sit on, you perch on, and all your blood runs down to your toes til you feel sick and giddy and overwhelmed with vertigo” – cost quite a bit more, upwards to £50 depending on how close your level is to the stage.

Currently Richard II is playing at the Globe and it’s very good. There’s actually lots of humour and I thoroughly recommend it if you have the time. Also playing (but I haven’t seen) are Much Ado About Nothing and As You Like It – two of my faves playing through til September but not on every day. Tickets go quick, so do book – their online site works well. The Globe is really easy to get to – it’s a lovely walk along the Thames from Waterloo Station. Try to get there an hour at least before hand to have a pint at the pub next door before the play.

Make sure you rent a cushion for £2 and you can rent a “seat back” if you’re on a middle pew and don’t have the back of the section, or the front balustrade, to lean on for a change in position. Also note, if it’s a hot day – the back rows of the seated sections catch and hold a lot of the heat and it gets muggy – very muggy. So bring in a bottle of water. There is an intermission – make the most of it to stretch your legs.

Photos are allowed before and after a performance, but obviously not during.


Treading the boards at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The Globe is one of those magic places to make a pilgrimage to. A play here is quite something – it’s performance to its very core. It would be hard to find actors playing more up to the crowd than in this arena, and of course the history, the restoration of the building itself and the playwright who’s name it bears all draw a crowd for good reason.image

national gallery – London


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If you get a near it – and you will because it’s so central – take the time to go into the National Gallery at the top of Trafalgar Square. It’s free and it has PLENTY of seating right in front of some of the most celebrated paintings OF ALL TIME!!!! Feel free to read that again in Kanye’s voice.

Even if art isn’t your “thing”, you will know what these paintings are and by whom. You will. Trust me. You will have heard of these artists – because they’ve been referred to in modern culture so many times – THAT’S how very good they were.

My main man Van Gogh is here – but not his Starry Nights which is my favourite (not only because of the Doctor Who episode with that magnificent speech by Bill Nighy that was superb!) but his Two Crabs which is my second favourite work of his. His Sunflowers is also here – more well known than his other paintings and certainly the focus of the tat in the gift shop. But for mine, Two Crabs is glorious. The colours get me every time. He painted this the year before he took his own life.


Van Gogh – Two Crabs and Sunflowers

Works by Degas are here – his beautiful dancers.


Degas – Ballet Dancers

Monet and Manet – side by side even so you can get the differences straight 🙂 Renior, Dürer, Constable, Talouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Cezanne…honestly. This is the who’s who of the age AND it’s only one section of the gallery.

While away an hour or two. Sit and sketch from some of the very best. Have a coffee in the cafe and come back for another few hours. It truly is a magnificent place – even the ground you walk on is beautiful.


The stairwell landing mural.

The Underappreciation of Rest in Today’s Society


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This article explains the first half of my holiday. A noisy brain, internal rules about what I “should do” instead of what I needed to do. I particularly like the point on rest not just being physical – and slthough difficult,  stopping the mental, spiritual and emotional angst/business is necessary.

I intend to be more mindful of my negative inner talk and reverse it for the second half of my time away.

The Underappreciation of Rest in Today’s Society.


views of London – the Sky Garden


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If claiming the high ground is important to you – or you find some perspective helpful – the Sky Garden might be for you. There are plenty of places that will charge you for seeing London from their dizzying height – but the Sky Garden does it for free.

The Sky Garden is at the top of the building affectionately known as the Cheese Grator. It’s on Fenchurch Street near Monument Tube but it’s an easy 10 minute walk from Bank Tube (and a few others).
imageYou need to book your free ticket on their website – Sky Garden website – and give them all the details for security and a bag search airport-style on arrival. I didn’t have my water or apple/snacks confiscated so I don’t think they are too strict.imageThere is a small walkway on the south side (that’s the Thames side) open to the outside, though the staff monitor the wind speed and will close it if it gets dangerous. There are some lovely fern garden beds to walk and sit amongst that are constantly sprayed with mist to ensure the humidity and moisture stay constant.
imageThere is a reasonably priced cafe – the coffee wasn’t too bad for London! – but if you go up late in the afternoon, the cocktails are a little pricey.

There are also some more pricey restaurant options up on alternate levels – but as you’ll see in the photos – these are set back from the main windows of the building. Check their website if that is more your style. imageThere are other options to get high in London – but they will all cost you something. The Shard is considered the best – 69 floors up and £25. You can go for a spin on the London Eye (£20 plus) or the Emirates Air Line back from Greenwich will set you back around £5 one way. You can climb Primrose Hill just off Regents Park or Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath – they are free excepting a little sweat. But then they are miles away and will give you a view of the city skyline, not a view down to the winding Thames.

Happy travels.

solo travel


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Sometimes traveling on your own can be lonely. I can miss the sound of voices conversing with me. But if I hang out in a tourist spot for a few hours, hearing the banal drivvle that some call conversation cures me of that quite quickly. 

Traveling solo is practically permission to focus on what people are actually saying to each other AND I get to guess the reasons why. How parents talk to their children. How lovers – old and young – talk to each other. The passive aggression. The controlling superiority. The waspish snap of judgement. The indifference. 

And then like a light in the midst – a dad and his son walk through the throng holding hands. He’s pointing out what there is and why it comes to be here and they learn something new together. Smiling. Awesome. 

Give me deep conversations. The ones with meaning, not glib opinion. The debates and connections, not the trivia and shallow observations. I want the stories of living a life, not the tasks and to do lists. And to hell with those speaking to hear their own voices. They seem to be everywhere.  I imagine them talking in movies – pointing out something that no one else can possibly miss because it’s 40foot tall in front of us all. 

You can keep the endless roundabouts of two people agreeing with each other – fine tuning their identical points of view with an insignificant nuance.  What do they end up with?  It’s boring and pointless. They haven’t solved the problems of the world, but they certainly look pleased with themselves. 

People watching and listening – now I can spend hours doing that. 

organising the planning to journal the travel


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Step one. Dream of where to go. 

Step two. Save like a mad woman. 

Step three. Deliberate on which planner to plan trip in. Hum. Hah. Try a few different sorts out. Gather supplies. Create templates. Try them out. Tweak them. Try again. Bin them. Google and Pinterest and Facebook planner groups. Drool and rub hands together. 

Step four. Shop for cute accessories to go with possible planner options. 

It’s not just me is it?

… Is this thing on?

Yes it is 🙂


Life. Life takes you on twists and turns. When once you had time, something sweeps you up and takes you away…

So here we are. Some 3 years on since my last post, the urge to write has come back to me. I have stories to tell, ideas to discuss, and fun to have. I’ve met some cool and amazing people and learnt a low. So, shall we?

View original post

Baked Relief – love to the west from Brisbane


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Baked Relief is a call to arms that was born from the Brisbane floods. It started as a rallying cry from Digella’s blog across twitter and Facebook for those who still had power connected to put it to good use and bake some food for those out helping sandbagging or cleaning flood effected properties. Those that could drive, collected and delivered food to SES crews whenever and wherever they could.

Baked Relief continues to coordinate the spread of a little thoughtful kindness and support to those not expecting anything from anyone.

If you’re in Brisbane, and you are in a position to participate – putting together a box of essentials for a farming family out west to have an old fashioned smoko (that’s aussie slang for a morning or arvo tea break), then I’d encourage you to follow the link to see the particulars.

In my experience, good people don’t ask for help- they just get on with it. Farmers are doing it tough with the drought and a box of comfort from a city slicker shows we are thinking of them.


paid for with blood, sweat and tears


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It’s a thing here in Australia that sports clubs and community associations host sausage sizzles at polling booths. It’s a cheeky barbecue to raise some much needed funds. I’m sure it happens in other countries, but it’s a tradition down under.

The sausage of democracy is your reward for exercising your responsibility as a citizen. You cast your vote to help decide who runs the rules around here. Then you buy a snag.

It costs a paltry $2 – and you get optional onion (it’s not an option though, lets face it – eat the onion) and your choice of sauce for free.

But think on the true cost of it.

Generations of the poor rising up against the rich to have fair representation.

Decades of fight from women prepared to chain themselves up for their right to be heard when even their husbands wouldn’t countenance their point of view held any value.

The centuries of being dismissed by a white majority refusing the basic respect and dignity to even be counted as a human being.

You can keep your fancy Michelin star menus. The humble sausage of democracy is the most expensive meal you’ll ever taste.


it’s voting day in Queensland


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I’m off for my Sausage of Democracy at my local voting location. I never look forward to running the gauntlet of pamphlet pushers and assorted delusional manipulators that stretch from the carpark to the booths. I swear some of the zealots think their Jedi mind tricks will work on me. As if. You can’t kid a cynic, Sweetie.

Just as a general shot across the bow, I publish my daily horoscope. Take it how you will.

Aries horoscope for Jan, 31, 2015

You may be feeling the need to get something off your chest, perhaps to tell someone what you think of them. This could be cathartic, Aries, if you go about it in the right way. If your goal is to repair a relationship or to stand up for yourself, then you need to be clear and also compassionate in the delivery of your message. If you are angry, hostile, or resentful, your words will only be met with defensiveness. If you reach out with the goal of a positive outcome, you can have a positive impact.

Copyright (c) The DailyHoroscope by FortunesFoundry

And people wonder why I’m an angry woman


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The Australian newspaper’s obituary for the late Colleen McCollough is a disgrace.

Two days ago we lost one of our most celebrated female authors. Throughout her life, Ms McCullough:
– earned a living as a teacher, librarian and journalist
– spent ten years researching and teaching in the Department of Neurology at Yale Medical School
– her novel the Thorn Birds has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and
– she was awarded a Doctor of Letters degree by Macquarie University.

And this is how our national paper leads the remembrance and celebration of her life, her achievements and her contribution to our nation…


Fuck whoever wrote this.
Fuck whoever approved this to print.
Fuck journalism standards in Australia.
Fuck how this paper/reporters/society values and quantifies the entire life of a woman – distilling it down to how she looked while she lived it.
Fuck them all sideways.
#everydaysexism #itstopswithme