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I don’t know how other fans of Major League Baseball keep a track of how their team is going, so I’m making up my own notes as I go along. The handful of diehard fans I know in Australia keep across their team’s performance by visiting the MLB or various other sports news websites, but I haven’t seen anyone else’s notes/teambook at all. I can’t be the only one putting pen to paper, surely!

Here’s my first few pages for the Red Sox season this year. I do the box score for each game and have a little room to write the most important take-away from the game – like a one line summary. I want to get more of a handle on how my team is doing in both home and away series against each team they play, so I started to colour code them – but I think it’s a bit busy. I’ll go back over these pages and draw a box around each series which might show them better.

Start of the 2017 Red Sox regular season games

The bit I am struggling with most is keeping track of where the Red Sox are placed in the American League East division. I drew up a kind of AL East summary page to try to see how they are sitting within the group, but I feel like it’s still too busy as a visual snapshot… I might have to tweak it and see if I can simplify it some more. Originally I thought of the five teams going vertical, but it got a little Tetris-y.

AL East summary page – it needs some work to clarify it more I think. Maybe go vertical instead of across the page after all?

Any ideas for improving my notes would be appreciated and I would love to see your team notes if you keep them!:)