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With a day to spare – phew. I’m all set to follow my team this year.

Similar format to last year but simplified. Aussie dates for games across the middle with each series grouped together. The red bar under the line is for home games at Fenway. Scores go in up the line with two lines at the top for notes. Last year I did one line pitching, one line for the rest but I think I’ll split offence and defence this time. We’ll see.

The boxes across the bottom are for colouring in each win. So the more the logo looks coloured, the better the team is going. Last year I tracked the losses as well, but I’ve dropped that. I like seeing how the American League East is looking – given that’s the first hurdle – so a visual of the number of wins across the five teams is great.

So here we go – 162 glorious games.

Let’s go Red Sox!