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A salute to Jeremy Piven for this photo.  Ain’t it the truth though?  “Oh woe is me” has never been so prevalent…First World Problems they’re called.  Where’s our sense of perspective gone?  Have we forgotten where we come from?  We grew up in houses – not in mud huts.  We were dry and clean and warm.  Do we not look at those around us – all struggling with problems of their own – or do we look straight through them?

I refuse to believe Australia is getting to the point where everyone who has more “haves” than “nots” doesn’t give a stuff until it’s them that loses out.  There’s a lot of community spirit around, I see it everyday.  I’ve been in workplaces where it’s the lowest paid members of staff who always “bring a plate” to celebrate life’s milestones.  I’ve been in workplaces where the top dog earning nearly $200k a year can’t put a bottle of plonk on the table – because the tank in his beemer is nearly empty.

What’s the minimum you need?  A roof, a job to pay for it and you and your family healthy. Period.