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Today’s lesson is that we’re never on our own, never really the first at anything. Someone has always gone through what we find ourselves faced with. And there’s a comfort in that. If other people can deal with my problems and come out the other side then so can I.

  • feeling lonely
  • scared of losing their job
  • actually losing their job
  • traveling solo
  • being broke
  • feeling unwell
  • facing their mortality
  • burying a loved one
  • scaling a mountain
  • breaking new ground
  • asking for help
  • raising children
  • breaking the rules

    We’re not “Pat Malone”. Someone has done it before us. The context might be different, but the experience is the same the whole world over. And you know what, others come through it with less support, less resources, less education, health, wealth and security then we’ve got. Being mindful of that gives a perspective that is priceless. Hang on to it.