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This weeks announcement that George Lucas is selling the Star Wars universe to Walt Disney doesn’t faze me at all.  I’m in the “Han shot first” camp, so in my eyes, Mr Lucas sold out a while back.

I spent today unpacking more boxes and came across my Star Wars library. I haven’t added to it for a while, so there’s some gaps for sure, but I was surprised how much I remembered about each new twist in the Universe. I loved Timothy Zahn’s stories and the X-wing series was a joy.

My hope for the future is that Disney doesn’t cash in with a cartoonish fluff piece that doesn’t mesh with the novels already written around the original trilogy. ** For the benefit of young players, that’s episodes 4-6, not 1-3.

Some of the best sci-fi writers around have fleshed out generations of interaction, plot twists and tragedies faced by the characters we all know and love – I hope Disney will respect those.

And in case any Disney peeps see this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t make “Vector Prime” until I’m ready. I bawled my eyes out for days when I read that – I couldn’t bear to see it happen.

Kthx, Laurene