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Work has been a little unsettled of late.  There’s a reshuffle going on with the higher paid members of the office community – not that anyone is saying anything.  It’s like the powers that be are more happy to shift everything on paper and then tell the pieces the news and suffer the fallout.

I am one of the pieces.  So how do I deal with being the last to know when it’s my 8 hours a day that’s changing?  Beats me actually – I don’t do it that well.  I go back to the important principles of leadership.  The things I value in a boss – honesty, straight-forward info, handshakes, open communication and telling it like it is to the face of the person that it is too…if that makes sense.  Basically I think I expect the kind of behaviour that doesn’t get delivered in times like these.

My “Queen CLM” title (ie. career-limiting-moves) comes from my not being able to look a game-player in the eye once I see how they make their moves.  I lose a lot of respect for people very quickly.  I know they don’t care about it – but I’ve never been good ~ never will be good ~ at pretending how they play the game doesn’t matter.

I don’t smile when someone’s blowing smoke up my arse. And I sure as hell don’t thank them for it.  But, that’s my problem – so I buy myself some roses and sleep well at night.  Not sure how they sleep – but that’s their problem.