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I’ve been thinking about getting this tattoo for a while. I need something to help remind me to respect myself – my thoughts, my feelings, my wants and my needs. I find I let them (me) take second place quite often.

I think there are a lot of people like me out there. We have no say at work because we’re the ‘drones’. We go along with social plans and ideas because its not polite to make waves – and really is it a big deal? And of course we all get brought up to accommodate family – no question – because we love them. Fair enough.

I need something to remind me that my say isn’t always secondary, even though:-

1) I get scared. I’m terrified of making a wrong choice so I dither and am unsure.
2) I worry too much – thinking things through an infinite number of “if this, then that” scenarios.
3) I retreat from conflict. I don’t want to offend or upset anyone.
4) I compromise – or delay agreeing 🙂
5) I don’t act on my ideas because I fear judgement and derision.
6) I get depressed about feeling “pushed into” a position that ultimately my behaviors allow.

So, I want a visible and constant sign to let me know that my choices are ok and that my say counts. My decisions made for me might disappoint others, but that’s not my problem. I should stand my ground.

“Courage is a kind of salvation” – I’m hoping Aristotle was right.