I forget how much I love the movies.  There always seems so much else to do, to pay for, to run around spending time on than to sit and escape for a couple of hours.  Every year I say I’ll go at least once a month, and every year I’ll realise I’ve seen maybe 2 movies, tops.  Apparently, 2 hours and $20 is too big a luxury to give myself.  Silly girl. For the record, today I went to the movies because I had a few hours to wait for my car to be serviced.  I saw The Descendants with Gorgeous George in the lead.  Sigh.  He does pick a good story to tell.  Beautiful.  I think the experience was only enhanced by the fact that it’s “tight-arse Tuesday” and my fellow cinefiles were of the aged variety.  They noted all the things I would otherwise have missed – “Hawaii’s green, isn’t it?”…”That’s not nice language at all”…”He’s the baddy”….”I like their shirts”.

The Descendants - 2012