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Today, I watched the documentary on Ayrton Senna. That weekend at Imola was beyond shocking. 1 May 1994. I was expecting the doco to paint him only positively and there is a little glossing over in there – but that doesnt mean whats presented isnt true – its just not complete. He was much loved worldwide, and the hope and pride of Brasil.

Senna was an awesome driver – particularly in wet conditions. Watch the first lap of Donington 1993 and youll see why. His stats are incredible – some still stand. Easily the best of the best. In the interviews I remember seeing while he was alive, he always answered honestly. Although I dont recall seeing so many where he mentioned his faith as was shown in the doco, it was still there in the little I remember from the early 90s.

His arch-rival – and doesnt there always need to be one? – was Alain Prost. Like Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton, Schumacher and everyone, Ayrton the Upstart pushed the Professors buttons. It was through their competitiveness that I began to see the politics behind the sport. Considering their animosity at times, Alain Prost was a pallbearer at Sennas funeral and is still a trustee of the foundation set up in Sennas name. That fact surprised me. Gentlemen at the end who realized they brought the best, and perhaps the worst, out of each other in the fight to win.

Awesome DVD. I highly recommend it.