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This is a family tradition – probably more for Boxing Day nibbles while watching the cricket, but they are always there somewhere.

NB: You need a deep frypan (that can get up to a high heat) or an electric frypan you can control the temps on.

Put one cup of water in the heating pan with 2 cups (1 lb) of sugar. Colour with cochineal/red food dye. Stir to dissolve the sugar and then bring it to the boil (200C – or 375F in the old scale). When boiling add 2 cups (1 lb) of raw peanuts and lower the temp down to around 120C (260F) and put on the lid. Leave it to bubble away for 20 minutes. Turn off the heat and take the lid off. Start stirring it all until the sugar crystallises…which can take a few minutes. Allow to cool and voila.

sugared peanuts

a boxing day tradition