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It’s interesting, isn’t it? Emergency medical services are directing members of the public with flu symptoms to go to a GP before presenting to them this winter. Ahh – no. I’ve I’m that crook, I’m going to the nearest hosptial. No matter how fluey I have been, no GP has ever done anything for me except for saying “keep doing what you’re doing and come back in 5 days if you still feel unwell”…and then charge me $70 for the advice.

What do GP’s think adults “soldier on” with for weeks before finally going to them?!!!? Most people I know self medicate with everything they can get – herbals concoctions, over the counter flu tablets, cough mixtures, lemon tea – you name it. Anything that helps us hold it all together. When we are finally run down enough to admit defeat and may be in need of a medical certificate to “prove” you’re sick and not off work surfing, the docs I’ve had do very little. In fact, it’s rare to even stick out your tongue and say ahh. These days, my ‘examinations’ are more short form Q and A with the obligatory print out of a generic brochure.