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So, work is a changing with a lot of decisions being made that both my workmates and I will feel the effects of down the track.  There’s a bit of stress involved in having my work changed – there’s some fear that I have to trust the bosses are making informed choices based on the facts – not guesswork or ignorance.   Feelings of disappointment comes from the fact that there’s not much praise around for doing my work.  So when it changes I need to be very clear that it’s not because it was done badly or that I failed – although there’s an element of that bias being implied from some unsavoury personalities.  For my part, I’m trying to not be precious about what I do.  I know I work hard, I know I know my work and how it gets done best.  I know there will be inefficiencies created in the change and I’ll have to work them out.  Cleaning up after dumb moves is a recurring theme in my work life 😦 And the pessimist in me knows the changes will be made whether they are the best way to do things or not.  I don’t have a say.  The hardest thing is to keep in mind that the buck doesn’t stop with me.  And I can only do my best with what I’m given.