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Wow.  What a shitfight house hunting has been.  A thoroughly demoralising process.  I’ve suffered long – as have all the people around me 🙂  But finally today, a victory.

I’ll be writing all the notes I can about all the hoops I’ve had to jump through and the reasons why the process has been a nightmare.  Most importantly, I want to document how to beat the mongrels at their own game.  I want to be prepared for the next time we do battle.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t “get a bargain” – I am sure I paid more than I should have for the home I’ve signed for.  But I feel like I spent so long figuring out the rules of this game, that it’s like I started from scratch again just recently.

Now I know there’s a month or so of documents, finances, filling in forms and boxes to tick – not to mention the boxes to pack.  But soon, it’ll be over – for a while anyway.