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I wake up to the same radio station each morning.  Same bat time, same bat channel.  I like the announcers – they make me smile.  But I’ve got to be honest and say that I’ve become discouraged with the current flavour of music.  It’s not just that the station has their “high rotation” hits they push through each peak session.  (Skrillex again anyone?)

It’s that the hits of today seem soulless.  The lyrics are misogynistic at worst, self centred at best – from both male and female artists.  Most of the middle ground is dross.  Take this Nicki Minaj (spelling?) for example.  Of all the inane primary grade poets the english (?) language throws up, these songs in particular disappoint me.

I don’t mind the electronic funk beat, the overbearing bass, even the techtronic vocals. I draw my line at the trilling rubbish.  I get the humour in the LMFAO boys and I freely admit to never having got into video so much – except a late night drink watching RAGE.  But I’ve got to wonder – how many of these modern day products actually even write their own words?  A lot of it seems very hollow.