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I spent a lovely evening celebrating a significant milestone for a family member.  It’s really enjoyable to see the wonderful people someone you know has gathered into their circle.  The conversation was cheerful and fun, with everyone there for the same reason – to celebrate a great person’s time with us all.  We all know about the ups and the downs – but the room was full of those grateful to have shared it all.

I’m atrocious with small talk – I’m a little awkward and shy.  It takes me a while to read the room and pitch “me” accordingly.  I’m always surprised, and very grateful, for a table full  of strangers who are sooooo easy to talk to.  No-one really knew each other, but to figure out how we all fit the jigsaw of the birthday boys’ life was hilarious.

It’s been a while since I’ve been genuinely shocked at how late the time was when we had to start thinking about leaving…  That’s a testament in itself.