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One of the many things my mum has taught me is a love of handmade things.  It doesn’t matter how “professional” they are in their execution, the only thing that matters is it’s made with love by someone thinking of gifting a piece of their time/love/skill/supplies to another.

To this end, Mum thought a funny gift for Christmas one year was some material, needles and thread for me to learn how to embroider.  Hilarious woman 🙂

So one day a month, I go with my mum to her group afternoon session of crafty ladies.  We sit and stitch (lots of different types of needlecraft) and I listen.  The women are amazing.  All full lives of families, friends, travels, work and most importantly, they talk about their plans for the future.  I love listening to them.  They make me laugh, they help me learn and I always have a better sense of perspective for my life when I leave.