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STRESS FULL day today. God almighty. Shakes. Headaches. Crying. Pale. Fer-eeeeeek-ing out.

I had somehow committed myself to something that wasn’t right for me. I was maneuvered a little, lead a little, and definitely put on the spot to decide quickly. And boy, wasn’t my body telling me so! I was freaking out about how to put the brakes on, but nicely, you know? ‘cos you gotta not hurt anyone.

In the past I would’ve hurt me to not hurt others. Not anymore. I get the whole ‘don’t go to bed angry’ thing. There’s no way I could’ve slept! So to be able to deal with things – no matter how unpleasant, was such a relief – a massive relief to get out of that one. I know I pissed some people off. But I slept til 10am. It was the right decision in the end. And I can learn to live with people not liking me.